Pershing Square, L.A.

Liquid Shard

Liquid Shard was raised on July 28th 2016 as the work product of the students of the Los Angeles Visiting School of the Architectural Association in London (AAVSLA) and Poetic Kinetics, an L.A. based company specialising in large-scale art installations and experimental design.


The installation was complete after a very long day and night but its impact was not yet fully visible. The next morning when we all went back we could see how the Liquid Shard completely transformed Pershing Square with its changing position, shining colours, smooth flow and quiet presence. It has created a new destination in the middle of busy downtown, where you can now enjoy an oasis of calm. People want to see it, stand under it and touch it. The kinetic movement makes it different every time you look. Through the Liquid Shard’s social media presence in Instagram and Facebook we have seen how it is a different experience to everyone. It is never the same. That’s what makes it so special.
Students and tutors alike were thrilled about the AAVSLA experience and amazed at the viral take off in social media and press coverage that followed a very positive reception by the city.

Karla Marukoglu, an AAVSLA student from L.A. said “From different parts of the world we came, we collaborated, we imagined, we designed, we built, and we made magic in Pershing Square. Truly an experience that I will never forget.”

Sarah Abouelkhair, another student from Egypt said “The first time we visited the square, it was deserted. In the middle of the crowded city of DTLA and it was empty. I cannot describe the feeling I got when we went back to the square after putting up the installation to find it flowing with life, I felt like I partook in something special!”

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