L.A. Experiential II

The workshop

Weeks before the start of the workshop, we began looking for a site in the city to showcase the work product of the AAVSLA. Just two days before start date, Poetic Kinetics secured the Pershing Square site thank you to the generous support of Now Art L.A. and the kindness of the City of L.A. We were also given a date by which we had to lift Liquid Shard. It had to be the 28th at night so life at the square would not be disrupted. We had to adapt the students brief to the new circumstances of site and timing. From that moment, the AAVSLA project became real and we only had 8 days to execute it for public display.

The AAVSLA workshop took place at Poetic Kinetics’ studio in The Brewery with a dozen students from all over the world. It was divided in two stages, design and construction, compressed within a very tight time frame. During the first days, the students familiarized themselves with the site, the physical and regulatory constraints of the square and the materials to be used in the installation. Students made their concept models to test different designs and ideas. By day 5, we held a jury to select the project the students would build in the construction phase at the workshop’s studio with the participation of external jurors including Carmen Zella of Now Art L.A. and City of L.A.’s Recreation and Parks Department representative Kevin Regan. In the end, the design solution selected by the jury reflected a combination of several student proposals, notably including the addition of a second layer of material which gave Liquid Shard its unique movement when flying in the wind.

We only had two days after that to assemble and one night to install. Two busy, long days started at Elysian Park for all the students. The mylar material was unrolled, cut, stitched and cut again to get into the right shape and position. Students had to endure the L.A. heat wave while they worked frantically to have everything ready for installation day.

Anchor points where decided using the purple tower overlooking the square and the palm trees. Amsteel rope, bungee cords and bouncing length were all measured in computer models and on site to the last detail by the students to guarantee accuracy. We had only one night to lift the installation in Pershing Square and no time for mistakes.

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