Event Campus I

Barcelona campus

Barcelona as we know it today is the result of different urban events such as the olympic games, the universal forum or the 1929 universal exhibition, which ephemeral nature has failed to create a collective space for the city. The project combines two institutions in the campus, a corporation and a university. The combination of the 9 to 5 corporate working hours and the 24 hour “around the clock” university life supports the notion of a lasting “event” with continuity in the city. The layers of experiences that the campus wants to enable help structure the form of the project.

The different elements of the campus (the frame, the pavilions, the historic landmark and landscape) with the repetition of the grid and construction elements create an architectural language, a formal rhythm and provide the ingredients for the “event” to happen. However, the “event” that has to be understood as a personal experience that happens as part of the campus but also goes beyond the programmatic needs of the corporation and has a degree of indetermination. The relationship of programmes, the experiences/events with its continuous quality are a testing model to reverse the urban fragmentation in barcelona and want to provide a new reading that brings together corporation, university and city.

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