Creative, seeking design that generates unexpected experiences


Eulalia Moran is an architect that is back in Barcelona after 20 years in London where she studied and trained as an architect. She is energetic, creative and entrepreneurial. She is always striving to get the best results.

Art and design are a constant in her career. She is always trying to experiment and combine architecture with other disciplines, pushing the limits of design to create unique experiences. This interest in different disciplines led her to direct the Architectural Association Visiting School in Los Angeles, which final result was the installation of the Liquid Shard in Pershing Square, Downtown L.A. It became a local and international success and was portrayed in TV and Social Media from L.A. to Japan.

Eulalia is a graduate of The Architectural Association School of Architecture in London. She founded Rosae Architecture in 2014. Previously, she worked for Foster + Partners where she had the opportunity to be involved in office, residential and airport projects in numerous countries such as Taiwan, Portugal and Kuwait. She is the Director of the Architectural Association Visiting School in Los Angeles. She is currently teaching and working in the Project of the Self-Sufficient city at the IaaC in Barcelona.



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